Volunteering at Ealing Hockey Club

The Club belongs to you, the Member. It cannot run without the invaluable support that is given by the few.

The Club is bigger than you realise. You can liken your Club to any business and with over 450 members it has many cogs (servers, routers and nodes in younger person speak) that need to be kept in good order to ensure the continued smooth running of the best thing to happen to Ealing in the last 10 years!

Could you help in any small way?

Do you have any of these skill-sets? “Finance, – Communications (whether real-world or via web, social media), database management (maintaining club membership), Facilities and Grounds, Bar and Catering, Fundraising / Sponsorship, Welfare of members, Socials, Special Projects and events”. This doesn’t even include the actual reason you are part of a hockey club!

“The arranging of fixtures, tours, booking pitches, organising umpires, help captains and team managers organise and run their teams, be a league contacts etc.

All these areas are managed and supported by a number of dedicated volunteers who do an absolute sterling job in keeping your club running, and for that, you should thank them when you see them ! could you help them or be one?

We need more people to help this core group of volunteers, who are currently stretched to the limit in what they can do for the club with limited time and resources – most all have day jobs too ! Can you help?

These days we all know time is precious, and even if you can give 1 to 2 hours a week to help with the running of the club, it would be time gratefully received and welcomed.

There are a number of other roles that need support:

  • Communications: Working with our newly appointed Media and Communications Officer to help spread the word, and updating twitter, Facebook and whatever new method of social media is current, designing and poster campaigns etc.
  • Catering/Match teas point of Contact: Liaising with the team and fixtures to ensure visiting teams are looked after.
  • Membership support : Checking off the membership and helping people with logging onto the new system.
  • Fundraising: working iwth our newly appointed Fund Raising and Sponsorship officer and contacting each section to ensure teams are fundraising
  • Admin : General Admin help for your sections, be it Ladies, Mens or Colts
  • Umpire Coodinator/Administrator: encouraging new umpires and ensure each team has an umpire.
  • Colts : See Colts section for more roles, but in general, Admin support, Fixture Contact, Communications contact, Fundraising (be it a simple second hand sale to recycle junior kit on a Sunday) help.

If these roles are not filled then the club will struggle to keep running, please have a think about what you can do to help and let your club captain know if you can give a few hours of your time.

Thank You

Our Partners

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Thai 33 Kitchin at The Haven Arms
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