Ealing Summer Sixes

Ealing Summer Sixes is an annual event in the off-season.

Applications to enter a team can be made in the last week of Easter to commence the 11 week fun festival.  Please message Team Captains or Club Chairman for entry details.

Rule of Ealing HC Summer Sixes

  • For aged 16 and older
  • 6 v 6
  • Each team must field a minimum 3 girls /ladies 
  • Reduced goal size – no GKs
  • No Hitting ANYWHERE – It’s social!!
  • No side boards (for now)
  • 3D Skills allowed (except inside the 5m hash area and the scoring circle)
  • Long Corners taken from Half way and must travel 3M before entering the D
  • Free hits must travel 3m before entering the scoring circle
  • 2D skills only inside 5m hash marks and scoring circle
  • Shooting on goal must be on target or considered dangerous & loss of possession
  • For a goal to count the ball must hit the back board
  • Penalty inserts – No PCs – and the ball must travel 3m before entering the scoring circle
  • Compulsory smiles and enjoyment!
  • Summer Team kit is desirable – sillier the shirt the better! “A prize for the best kit”.