Zoom Video Training Sessions!

Hi all,

Every week during lockdown we are running a HiiT session followed by a skills session then we finishes with highlights of an international match where we review and analyse team and individual tactics.

Details of these hockey Zoom video session are on your Team Teamo Calendar and below: –

#1:  U07/08 to U11 Sundays 10:30 am for 45 mins

#2: U12 and U14 Sunday 11:30 am for 45 mins

#3: U16 and adults Wednesday 19:30 for 45 mins

Wear suitable exercise clothing.
Have water on hand, Hockey Stick, ball (hockey/tennis/golf ball)
And 4 cones or pairs of socks.

These sessions will be stored on the Club’s Youtube Channel (let me know there are any objections).

Please spread the word!