Our Return to Hockey! Booking is open

Booking is open for all Ealing HC members and those members home from Uni.

We will continue to follow the England Hockey directive, Government guidelines and Public Health England advice during the Covid-19 restrictions. Whilst these are the first steps for returning to play, we would encourage everyone to firstly consider the health of themselves and others before booking the pitch.

Please use common sense, consideration and respect when booking the pitch as well as during your time on the pitch.

We want to make sure as many members get the opportunity for some much-needed exercise and enjoyment.

All members under the age of 16 will need to be supervised by an adult.


The pitch will be divided into sixths and each booking will be an hour (including leaving time to prevent bunching so 50 minutes playing time).

– Maximum of 6 people to one pod, meaning a maximum of 5 can be coached.

– Social distancing guidelines with a safe 2m distance to apply

– If a player was not pre-booked they cannot enter the pitch.


– Bookings will only be available online and there will be a mandatory 10 min gap between bookings to avoid bottlenecks.

– To book hockey click on this link and add the player’s name to the hockey list dates. Make sure you add the name to each of the 5 weeks.

Then pay £40 for 5 x 1 hour to the Ealing bank account, please. We can only accommodate a maximum of 30 players per hour.

Please ask for the banking details if you do not have them.

PARKING – gates will remain locked.

– The car park will not be open. Parking will be on the main road.

– Please travel to the pitch on your own or in a household group only and try to avoid using public transport

– Those on bicycles please leave them out of the way of the footpaths and outside the cage.

– Arrive as close to possible when you need to be there and leave as soon as you have finished your session

– Allow others to leave the pitch before you enter and leave the pitch at the end of your allotted time so it is free for the next player

– Do not congregate after sessions


– This is open to members of Ealing Hockey Club only and selected pre-approved friends of Ealing HC.

– Any unauthorised non-members booking sessions will have their sessions cancelled and this will be monitored daily

– Pitches will be demarcated with numbers through the booking system – please only use the pitch you are booked onto and do not move onto another pitch at any time unless instructed by Ealing HC official/Coach

– Appointments cannot be changed 24 hrs before your session and you will be charged the full rate

– Use your own equipment (stick) and avoid touching other equipment (goals etc).

– Balls can be collected from the “equipment wash bucket” and returned.  Any ball not returned to the “equipment wash bucket” will be charged for at £7.00.

– If passing, only touch the ball with your stick!

– The coach may provide additional hockey balls, please collect balls with sticks (no feet or hands to be used)

– Maintain 2m social distance (unless you are from the same household)

– In line with government hygiene please wash your hands before and after each session and regularly use hand sanitiser

– There will be no toilets or changing rooms available so please remember this before setting off for your session

– No players will be permitted into any of the School buildings at ANY time.

– Parents will not be allowed to use the seating at any time and will not be allowed on to the pitch.

– Please DO NOT book any hockey sessions if you have or any member of your household have COVID symptoms or are self-isolating

– Follow Public Health England advice for good hygiene at all times

Please be aware that this guidance may change as the circumstances change.