Happy Christmas and New Year

Snowy pitch

Dear All,

We all wish you a very merry Christmas and new year.

Dont forget we restart on the Sunday 7th January and midweek sessions start Tuesday 9th January.

Well done to the team manager, who without their regular communication to the parents and team we would all be at the wrong place at wrong time!;  The Parents who get the juniors to training and fixtures.

We have a number of teams undefeated and our newly formed Ladies team (playing their second season) have won all 10 of their games.  Well done.  We are truly proud to say Ealing is making its mark and rocking the boat (positively).  That is testament to the growing army of pro-coaches, Gary; Charles; Jacob and all the volunteer coaches, Phoebe; Dhiren; Penny; Nico; Kelly; Gerry; Bhagat; assisted by our DofE and Young Leaders…. all led and coordinated by Jeff and Clare. ????????

Thank you all and see you in a few week