COVID RULES for visitng and using the Schools Pitches (updated 26th October 2020)

COVID Protocols at EalingHockey Club(Update 26th October 2020)

● This document replaces the previously issued “Matches under England Hockey Step 4 Guidelines” and builds on “England Hockey Step 5 Return to Play Guidelines”.
● All participants should be familiar with England Hockey’s Return to Play Guidance for “Getting Back on the Pitch – Step 4” and “England Hockey Step 5” Return to Play Guidelines.
● All participants must have completed a Participation Agreement before attending.

Venue Use
● Changing facilities are not currently available.
● Toilets are available on the grounds; all venue and government guidance must be adhered to.
● Social distancing before (and after) any hockey activity must be respected.
● Participants must not congregate near the entrance to the astro area “The Cage”.
● Waiting players must adhere to social distancing and must not crowd or block The Cage entrance, entering only at the end of the session or when the final whistle has been blown.
● Waiting Teams must go to the centre of the pitch with their kit away from the dugouts/bench and warm-up,  until all participants have left.
● Parents or spectators are

# allowed to spectate at St.Augustines Priory School. Must remain on the red area maintaining Gov’t stipulated social distancing rules, wearing a face mask at all times.  Avoid the area used by the coaches and players.

# are NOT allowed on the grounds of St.Benedicts School playing Fields grounds.

● All participants must wear a face mask whilst on schools grounds and only remove them when they engage in hockey.

On the Pitch
● Any person entering and leaving The Cage must sanitise their hands.
● Players should arrive ready to play, bring only essential personal items and, where possible, place them separately from other players’ items.
● Social distancing within the dugout area must be strictly adhered to.
● Team warm-ups/ cool-downs/ talks should always observe social distancing.
● Do not share equipment, eg face masks, water, or touch the ball with your hands.
● Stick tapping, a thumbs up or verbal thank you must replace handshakes.
● Goal celebrations must not breach social distancing guidelines.
● Social distancing must be observed during interactions when a substitution is being made or during breaks in play.
● Coaches, other team staff and substitutes are allowed within The Cage and by the side of the pitch but must always observe social distancing on the sidelines.
● Anyone administering first aid is advised to wash and/or sanitise their hands after treatment and record name, date and treatment provided for NHS track and trace purposes.
● Each team (home and away) must provide their ‘own’ first aid kit.

Players/ Coaching Staff/ Umpires
● Home captains (or their nominated COVID Representative) are responsible for ensuring their team are aware of all COVID guidance.
● Home captains (or their nominated COVID Representative) are responsible for ensuring the goalposts have been sanitised before each match, at half-time and after matches.

● Match preparation meetings by umpires should be held outside The Cage.
● Participants must be reminded of the New Guidance for the 2020/21 Season for Umpires; A 2-minute suspension (Green Card) to be issued to any player or participant caught spitting or nose blowing without a handkerchief or tissue.  These areas should be cleaned by the offending player before play can continue. Further sanctions apply for repeat offences.

Ealing HC Covid Officer:

Issued on 20 th September 2020 / Updated 26th October 2020)