An Apology from England Hockey

24 September 2021

Dear GMS Club Admin,
GMS – An Apology

Having worked relentlessly in the last year to deliver the governance changes set out in A Structure Fit for the Future this note is an apology for where we have been with the Game Management System (GMS) in recent weeks. The initial system performance issues have made the use of the system frustrating and unmanageable for volunteers. Everything about the governance restructure was designed with the intent to reduce duplication and workload for volunteers over time. The changes were also about increasing the way we can digitally engage people with the sport and we remain committed to this ambition.

Prior to this week the system has not been able to provide the sort of performance anyone would expect to see. Whilst this has improved this week in hindsight, we would have benefitted from a phased introduction of elements of the system. Despite this the reasons for moving quickly to a new system remain valid and it was definitely required, particularly with issues such as Fixtures Live being turned off and no viable alternatives for many of the new Areas.

We have therefore adapted our plan as follows (with more detailed information by role beneath):
1. Delaying mass Player Registration on GMS (outside of the England Hockey Leagues) until at least
November. Adult Leagues will communicate local expectations to teams on result recording and
team sheets.
2. will be providing match information (times/venues/official
appointments/scores) this weekend before other results reporting tools are finalised.
3. GMS should be used for:

  • Fixture time and venue updates
  • Getting Club Admin and Team Admins on to GMS
  • ther functions will be communicated in coming days.

4. There is some advice by user type at the bottom of this letter.

The team at England Hockey are working flat out to address the issues and respond to your concerns and suggestions. Negative feedback has hit home and we are all equally as disappointed with the
performance issues as you are. In recent days we have seen improvements and we will work hard to keep improving things.

I still strongly believe that the ambitious governance changes will deliver improvements for the sport in
terms of consistency of approach, the ability to adapt more systematically in future and more efficient
processes for everyone. Huge strides have been made with improved governance, regulations and
decision making already. The England Hockey Board and Areas Standing Committee are committed to the changes and recognise that it will take time to implement properly. We, like you, are all passionate
believers in our sport and want it to continue to improve.

Please stick with us whilst we make the necessary improvements. Good luck to all this weekend.

Rich Beer
Development Director
(Advice by role follows over the page)
Advice for different GMS users:

Players & Parents

  • Players do not need to register on GMS at this time (outside of those in England Hockey League
  • Players should look for fixtures and results here
    Team Admin
  • Captains & Managers needing to register should register AS A PLAYER using this link . Your Club Admin will then
    assign you to your team.
  • When submitting results follow the simple guides here:
  • Your League Administrators will confirm reporting arrangements for this weekend.

Club Admin

  • Club Admin can continue to register via the link.
  • England Hockey approves Club Admin requests but may need to confirm you are suitable for that role in some cases.
  • Club Admin should update Fixture Times & Venues, allocate Team Admin and enter results if Team Admin have any issues.
  • Short guides are being added here and more will be added as GMS use is increased:
  • Officials should continue to register for England Hockey Officiating (EHO) via Bronze membership is free for any umpire or official.
  • Any officials that wish to be appointed should confirm their availability on GMS as soon as possible so you can be appointed to matches.