Lost & Found

Ealing Hockey Club do not have a designated contact for lost items but we have a lost & found locker where any items handed in are safely stored.

If you have lost an item during training we recommend you check with other team members first, to see if anyone has picked it up.

Lost & Found Locker

The Lost & Found locker is located at the St. Benedict’s School Playing Field but space is limited and any items handed in will be safely stored for a period of one month, after which they will be donated, disposed of or sold to raise funds for the club.

The locker can be accessed during Sunday morning training sessions only.  In the event you need to search for a lost item please contact the registration desk on Sunday morning and they will be able to assist you.

St. Augustine’s Pitch

Any items found at the St. Augustine’s Priory School pitch will also be transferred to the Lost & Found locker at St. Benedict’s Playing Field, but it may take a week for the items to be transferred.

Items Lost at Matches

If you have lost an item during a match, we recommend you check with the team manager who can communicate with other team members (and the opposition team manager) if required.