Ealing Hockey Club (EHC) was formed in 2013, shortly after the London Olympic Games in 2012, with original intentions to be a junior only academy. However, in 2016 /17 at the request of our juniors who wanted to play in an adult league.

In 2018 the club was transferred to the members as a fully-fledged member owned and member run club. Your ever-growing junior section continues to shine the way for the Borough.

Since launching our adults section we have had a total of 3 promotion in the last 3 years! We start the 2019/20 season with 4 adults teams.

Come down and join us on this exciting journey.

Talent development: EHC is committed to talent development. Originally being a junior only focused academy we have gone from zero junior players in the county/regional system in 2013 to 13 players involved in 2019, including one in the national age group (NAGS) training squad.

The number of junior players the club puts forward to the Middlesex County Development Centre (DC), Academy Centre (AC) and Performance Centre (PC) continues to increase. Many of these juniors were streamed into other clubs with senior sections, including one who achieved Tier 2 selection.

Local community: The juniors’ section has had an impressive growth (350) from its inception and is very much a reflection of the diversity of the community it serves. We wish to enable any junior to play at their highest level. The club is very proud that it attracts juniors from all backgrounds and schools, helping with bursaries and kit to support those children who have “free school” meals.

Please browse our site to find out about our club and its history.